Celebrating 1-Year Facing MY FAT

Celebrating 1-Year Facing MY FAT – I can hardly believe that one year has gone by since I made the decision on January 25, 2016, to “Face MY FAT.” On that date, I stared at myself in the mirror and I knew that it was time to do something, anything, about my excess weight. My weight was up to 175-pounds. My face was full, my clothes were tight, and my self-esteem was low. I was miserable.


HOW did I get this way?

The reason was simple and it revolved around one specific ingredient. SUGAR. One year ago, I acknowledged my addiction to sugar; including, sugar-infused carb’s such as: candy, cookies, cake, ice cream, pie and just about every dessert you can name.

Given a choice, I would choose (or at least save room for) a sweet treat over a larger serving of meat or extra vegetables. But I didn’t stop there, I would eat my meal and still have room for a sweet treat, EVEN when my stomach was full. Looking back, I could have blamed my elastic waist pants for my weight gain, but that just doesn’t seem fair.

It was one year ago that I finally acknowledged that eating sugary treats increased my craving for more sweets.


WHAT would I have to GIVE UP to lose weight?

The task appeared daunting. How could I possible give up sugary treats? How could I possibly give up my daily candy bar? What about my ice cream snack before bedtime? One scoop had become two, then two and one-half, then nearly three scoops. Next, came a handful of nuts and chocolate or caramel syrup and sometimes both.

And, what about my baking? I love to bake. I come from a family of bakers. How could I possibly STOP baking? For nearly my entire adult life, it has been my routine to bake something every single week. I have hundreds of cookbooks. Many are filled with recipes for heavenly sweet treats and desserts. Pray tell, how could I let a week go by without baking?

How can I WORK OUT more than I already do?

Next, came the battle with exercise. I already took four, 1-hour Jazzercise classes a week and sometimes five. How could I possibly increase my exercise? Especially, since I’ve resorted to “low impact” to spare my ankles and knees.


LIFE Obstacles

For one year, I have been trying to reach my weight loss goal of 30 to 35-pounds. I have talked about it until I am blue in the face and until you are probably tired of hearing about it! For one year, I have shared numerous challenges I faced while trying to reach my goal weight of 140 to 145-pounds.

Here are some of the obstacles and normal life events that affected my weight loss (and probably will continue too):

  • Traveling
  • Dining Out
  • Inability to get to Jazzercise classes (plus, doing lower impact)
  • Health issues
  • Holidays
  • Emotional Stress
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