Be the BEST FIT Version of You

Be the BEST FIT Version of You – I’ve been doing the Joyce Vedral, Ph.D. Bottoms Up! workout for almost six weeks now. I know that I will NEVER look like she does in her photos but I can become the BEST FIT version of myself.

Does it take time? You betcha. Does it take commitment and persistence? Absolutely. The good part is that after several weeks of working out to Bottoms Up!, it has become a normal part of my daily routine.

commit to be fit

In the beginning, I tried to schedule particular days for working out each week. The Bottoms Up! routine is broken down into the upper body one day and the lower body the next day. The program goal is to NOT work the same muscle group two days in a row. During the first week, all went fine with my schedule. However, since no two weeks are the same, I eventually gave up on having a schedule and decided to go with the flow.

If I had to miss a day due to other obligations, I simply picked up on the routine rotation the next day. For example, if on Monday I did the lower body and Tuesday I missed working out, I do my upper body workout on Wednesday. This has been working out quite well and results in less stress.

what works

Find What Works for You

Some people like working out in the morning. Others prefer after work or early evening. There is no perfect time of day to work out other than what works perfectly for you.

I’ve tried first thing in the morning and it is not easy to do. I need food (energy) before working out and if I do eat first, I need several hours in between eating and exercising. I’ve found, that working out two to three hours after breakfast and two hours before my Jazzercise class in the evening works best for me.

My point is this. If you are serious about exercising, whether it be to Joyce Vedral’s Bottoms Up! routine or any exercise routine or program of your choice, you ultimately have to find the right routine and the right time of day that works best for you.


Why I Chose Free Weights

I took on the Joyce Vedral Bottom’s Up! workout challenge because I needed something to push me to the next level of weight loss. My weight loss had stalled and I didn’t want to “eat less” to lose more weight.

My other option? Become more fit by increasing my muscle mass which in turn will burn more calories ultimately resulting in weight loss. How do I increase muscle mass? By working out with weights. Thus, I turned to a book that had helped me before and I hoped would help me again.

This has not been easy but it is getting easier. I still struggle when working out my lower body. Lunges are hard to do and I’m so glad when I’m done. Obviously, the strength in my legs has been lacking or it wouldn’t be so challenging.

I am getting stronger, have more stamina and less fatigue when working out to Bottom’s Up!. I’ve also noticed an increase in stamina during my Jazzercise classes.

The bottom line? I’m starting to feel the positive results of doing the Bottom’s Up! workout. Every day, it gets easier as I my muscles become stronger. Day after day, I also see a slight increase in muscle definition. These small results motivate me in a very big way.

I have committed a minimum of six months to do the Joyce Vedral’s Bottoms up! workout. After that, I may try some of her other workouts. I am slipping in a 5-tier pyramid upper body routine from her Definition book once a week, usually on the weekend. I’m anxious to boost the toning of my arms before warm weather.

Be the BEST FIT Version of You

Be the BEST FIT Version of You

Whatever workout routine or program you choose, I encourage you to give it your all. Knowing all the while, that your “all” will vary day to day and week to week.

Be flexible, but committed. We may never physically look like our ultra-fit instructor, personal trainer or author of our favorite workout book but we can become the BEST FIT version of ourselves.

Facing MY FAT,


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