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Blog Posts – JULY thru SEPT 2016 – To make it easier to catch up and read my posts from day one, I’ve put together 3-month Directories. Reading my posts in the order as written will help put my writing and my progress into perspective. I hope you find this Directory helpful and thank you for following my blog.

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Day 157-160 – 7-Day Counting BITES Baseline

Day 161 – FAIR Food vs FARE Food – July 5, 2016 – It’s that time of year when we travel to the Columbus, Ohio Fairgrounds to sell our handcrafted jewelry ~ Avante Jewelry Ltd. The venue is Good Guys and we setup our display in the “Good Gals” building.

Day 162-163 – Thursday WEIGH IN – Wed/Thurs – Popping in quickly to post my weight today.

Day 164-167 – Camping Weekend Review – Friday-Monday, July 8-11 – We finally got home last night and back to the “internet.” The Good Guys car show and Good Gals Gallery went well this weekend.

Day 168 – Honey to My Lips – Tuesday, July 12, 2016 – If you like honey, I think you will like this post tonight. I’m not talking about putting honey in your tea…

Day 169 – Facing the Camera – Wednesday, July 13, 2016 – Having my photo taken is something I haven’t liked over the past….say….13 years or so. As I gained weight, my self-confidence in my appearance dropped.

Day 170 – Thursday WEIGH IN – July 14, 2016 – Last night, I shared a few photos and I’d like to add to that a little. I came across a photo of me taken over a year ago wearing the same top. I mentioned last night that this top had worked well for several ranges of my weight.

Day 171-174 – No Challenge, No Change – July 15-18, 2016 – When Jazzercise class was wrapping up tonight, the instructor shared this phrase, “Without challenge, there is no change.” This statement couldn’t be more true. And change can be the hardest thing to do.

Day 175 – Shameless Celebration – July 19, 2016 – Last week I wrote about facing the camera. Today, I asked for photos to be taken as I am shamelessly celebrating a new record low! I woke up this morning to 155 pounds ~ a 20 pound weight loss! Woohoo!

Day 176 – Avoid and Manage – Great Idea – July 20, 2016 – Today’s blog post inspiration comes from an unusual source ~ my dentist’s office. I had a regular, 6-month check up today and there was a new hygienist on staff. She was a pleasant, young lady and today was the first time we had met.

Day 177 – Thursday WEIGH-IN – July 21, 2016 – Since my Shameless Celebration two days ago for my 20-pound weight loss, I’ve been on a natural high of excitement. I feel like I am finally making progress.

Day 178 to 180 Plus Vacation Time – July 22 to Not Sure, 2016 – I will be away for the next couple of weeks and I am unsure as to when I will be able to blog. I’m not even sure if I will have good internet or wi-fi to do so. While I’m away

Day 181 to 198 – Hello Again – Time to Weigh In – July 25 to August 11, 2016 –Hi everyone. I’ve been home for a couple of days but needed time to unpack and settle in to my usual routine. In my last post, I said…

Days 199 to 202 – The Importance of Routine – August 12-15, 2016 – For 16 days, while we were house hunting in Kentucky, I had a break from my normal routine. This break affected my meals, my snacks, my exercise, my walks and my sleep habits.

Day 203 – Unsolicited Compliments August 16, 2016When I started to lose weight, say the first five and then ten pounds, I was excited about my weight loss and anxious for people to notice. At one point, I…

Day 204 – Puttin’ on My Face – August 17, 2016 – Several months ago a friend of mine suggested that I write a blog post for my make-up and skin care suggestions. To be honest, you will probably find my tips to be a bit quirky.

Day 205 – Thursday Weigh In – August 18, 2016 – It’s hard to believe that we have been back home for over a week. Where does the time go? On top of that, it is weigh-in day again.

Days 206-209 – Why I Weigh Daily – Friday thru Monday, August 19-22, 2016 – As you know from my weekly weigh-in charts, with rare exception, I weigh myself every day. Some weight loss programs suggest weighing once a week.

Day 210 – Losing Weight is NOT a License to Eat – Tuesday, August 23, 2016 – To continue my car scenario theme from yesterday, I want to share another challenge I face as I lose weight, “Just because I get on the scale and my weight is down, it is NOT a license to eat.”

Day 211 – Facing Our Reflection – Wednesday, August 24, 2016 – During our open house this past weekend, a vibrant, 8-year old girl commented on the many mirrors in our home. There is a mirror in the…

Day 212 – Thursday Weigh In – August 25, 2016 – I swear that my scale loves to taunt me. Two days ago, my weight was lower than today. The problem? Today, is when I post my weight.

Day 213 – 216 – The Mystery of Measurements – August 26-29, 2016 – I’m a firm believer in taking body measurements to help monitor progress when losing weight. To simplify the process, I’d like to share a recommendation when taking your personal measurements.

Day 217 – To Plank or NOT to Plank – August 30, 2016 – Lately I’ve been trying to do planks. What is a plank, you ask?

Day 218 – When Your Mojo says NO GO – August 31, 2016 – We all have our days when we are tired. Today was one of those days. But being tired didn’t mean that I could take the day off. I had too much to do ~ to do nothing. I needed to get my Mojo on!

Day 219 – Thursday Weigh In – September 1, 2016 – Not only is it already Thursday again, it’s the first day of September! How did that happen? How did summer fly by so fast and Monday is Labor Day?

Day 220 thru 224 – Imagining Our Destiny – September 2-6, 2016 – Today, as I was rummaging through a stack of paperwork, I came across a little something that I wrote back on April 22, 2011. I wrote this letter to myself over five years ago and yet it feels like my life today.

Day 225 – Imagining Our Destiny – Part II – September 7, 2016 – Yesterday, in my blog post, Imagining Our Destiny, I shared about a letter I wrote to myself back on April 22, 2011. Tonight, I would like to continue with some excerpts about the then and now.

Day 226 – Thursday Weigh-In and Sweet Talk – September 8, 2016 – This morning, I walked 2-miles at the park and I just got home from my 1-hour Jazzercise class. Last night, I also went to Jazzercise for an hour and walked 2-miles. And, the night before, I went to…

Day 227 – Day 240 – Thursday Weigh-In and Stress Splurge – September 9-22, 2016 – It has been two weeks since I’ve written a blog post and I feel like I’ve been riding a roller coaster. While today may be weigh-in, I first want to share a little about stress and how it can influence our eating habits.

Day 241 – Day 244 – Convenience Can Complicate Weight Loss – September 23-26, 2016 – Saturday night, my neighbor and friend took me out to dinner for my Birthday. We went to Ruby Tuesday and since it was a nice evening, my friend, my husband Mark, and I walked to the restaurant.

Day 245 – My Tuesday Tips and Tidbits – September 27, 2016 – Inspiration for writing my blog posts is all around me. The same could be said for losing weight. I just have to look around and pay attention to what I see and hear…

Day 246 – Never to Late to Follow Your Dreams – September 28, 2016 – Last evening, I came across a Facebook post from my 18-year old niece. Below, I’ve shared the quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Day 247 – Thursday Weigh-In and Pumpkin Pressure – September 29, 2016 – Pumpkins, pumpkins, everywhere a pumpkin. Yesterday, our newspaper had an article on pumpkin inspired snacks.

Day 248  – 251 – Good For the Soul Kinda Day – Friday, September 30 to Monday, October 3, 2016 – My plans today actually started yesterday when a best friend from high school called and invited me to have lunch…

Day 269-272  NEGATIVE Free Weight TRAINING – October 21-24, 2016 – I have been working out using hand-held, free weights off and on for decades.