Day 1 – Facing MY FAT

Day 1 – Facing MY FAT – January 25, 2016MONDAY – This morning, I said to my husband, “Hon, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not any better than many people who have addictions.” He asked, “Why is that?” I promptly replied, “Because I’m just as addicted to sugar as someone may be to alcohol, cigarettes or snuff. It’s easy for me to think they could quit if they wanted too. And yet, I have my addiction. I’m addicted to sugar. I can never give up sugar and unhealthy carbs for any length of time. If I could, I’d probably lose weight. My addiction to sugar is really not any different from their addiction to other substances.”Day 1 - Facing MY FAT

I sat down at my vanity to apply a little make-up. While staring into my retro-lighted make-up mirror, my thoughts kept wandering to my weight. The number on the scale this morning was really high. Every year, every month, every day, it keeps increasing. No matter how okay I may think I look, a photo of myself proves otherwise. I’m overweight. My doctor recently ruled out any health issues as the cause. I’ve run out of excuses. As I stared into the mirror, I acknowledged to myself, “I am fat and it’s time, I face my fat.”

blog_cubesI quickly got hubby’s attention and said, “Hon I should start a blog called Facing MY FAT. Catchy isn’t it? What do you think? As with many of the, off-the-cuff, ideas that I’ve come up with over the years, he replied, “Yeah right. Like you don’t already have enough to do.”

He is right of course. I don’t have time to start a blog. I can barely keep up with all the web sites I already manage. But I really like the idea and I have to put a stop to this constant weight gain. Maybe writing a blog about Facing MY FAT would help me. Maybe it could help someone else. And so, the blog idea began.

I decided that I could use my evenings to work on the blog. Instead of pinning on Pinterest or perusing Facebook, I’ll take an hour each evening to post about my progress.

sugar_assortmentAhhh…SUGAR, those pretty little granules that I’ve now concluded is my addiction. Can I do this? Do I really want to do it? Am I sure about this? Will blogging make any difference?

Where do I start? What do I give up first? 
  • 1st thing to go – my morning sweet tea
  • 2nd – my afternoon mini candy bar
  • 3rd – the candy coated chocolate pieces that call my name after every meal
  • 4th – eliminate as many refined and processed carbs (bread, cookies, cake, pastries, crackers, packaged food products) as I possibly can
Day 1 - Facing MY FATDay 1 – Facing MY FAT

True confession. My current weight is 175 pounds on my 5′ 3″, 57-year-old, female frame. My highest weight in the past 13 years 185, my lowest 161. What I would like to weigh and the weight that used to feel good to me? My pre-menopausal weight, in the range of 140-145 pounds sounds ideal. My goal is to lose 30 to 35 pounds.

Okay, I said it. I said it out loud. In fact, by starting this blog, I just said it out loud to the whole world! Let the self-challenge begin. If you’d like to follow along too, I invite you to sign-up to follow my daily (as daily as it can be) blog.

Facing MY FAT,


Vickie_122515_FacingMyFat  Vickie_SantaBaby_2015_FacingMyFat
December 25, 2015 – For more photos, go to: Faces of Time

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