Day 104 – Peachy Keen

Day 104 – Peachy Keen – May 9, 2016 – This weekend I wrote a blog post for Get More Out of Your Snacks. One of the snacks I talked about is Peaches and Cottage Cheese. I mentioned that I usually use snack-size packs of peaches because they are so convenient. After writing my post; however, I got to thinking about my choice to use snack packs and started wondering if I could make a better and healthier choice for my peaches. Today, I had a chance to peruse and research a few options and decided to share my results.


While there are several name brands and many “store” brands of 4-ounce peach fruit cups, I compared the top two brands of Dole and Del Monte along with Wal-Mart Great Value. Because sodium, potassium and fiber are relatively the same per brand, per serving, I’m only comparing the calories and sugar grams.

Below you will find a comparison between diced peaches with no-sugar added, in 100% fruit juice and in light syrup. Peaches in heavy syrup were typically found in larger, can servings so I did not compare them. As you will see, no sugar added, may imply an artificial sweetener has been added.

I have highlighted in green, the lowest peach cups in calories and sugar grams per category. All of the following are for 4-ounce Fruit Cups of Diced, (presumably Yellow Cling) Peaches.

fruit cups

No Sugar Added
  • Del Monte No Sugar Added – note small portion of 3.75-ounce cup, 30 calories, 5g sugars – contains sucralose
  • Dole Sugar Free, 30 calories, 5g sugars – No artificial sweeteners
    • In water sweetened with monk fruit concentrate – Monk fruit juice concentrate is a natural fruit juice that is 15-20 times sweeter than sugar. Monk fruit extract is 150-200 times sweeter than sugar that is supplied in a concentrated powder form.
    • Note: This is the first I’ve heard of Monk Fruit. I will investigate further for a future post.
  • Wal-Mart Great Value – 35 calories, 6g sugars – Note: Artificially sweetened with Splenda brand
100% Fruit Juice – I was unable to confirm the type of “natural fruit juice”
  • Dole in 100% Fruit Juice, 80 calories, 18g sugars
  • Del Monte in 100% Fruit Juice, 60 calories, 12g sugars
  • Walmart Great Value in 100% Fruit Juice – 80 calories, 18g sugars
Light Syrup – Natural Flavoring and Sugar
  • Dole Light Syrup – 80 calories, 18g sugars
  • Del Monte Light Syrup – 70 calories, 6g sugars
  • Wal-Mart Great Value in naturally flavored Light Syrup – 60 calories, 15g sugars
Heavy Syrup
  • Most Heavy Syrup peaches are in cans, not snack size cups

peach grove

Peaches processed in China

At the store today, I didn’t have time to peruse all of the labels on the different brands of peaches, but I did pick up on the fact that some peaches are processed in the USA and others are processed in China. At a glance, it appeared that some name brand peaches were processed in the USA while generic brands, such as Wal-Mart’s Great Value were processed in China, with the exception of some peaches being a product of Greece and other countries.

In my research, I learned that China is the leading producer of fruit. Who knew? And, by far they are the leading producer of peaches. China is not the largest exporter of peaches, ranking as the 5th largest exporter, behind Spain, Italy, France and the United States. China exported to the USA about $55 million of peaches. Now mind you, per Wikipedia, the United States is the 4th largest exporter of peaches and yet many of the canned or packaged peaches on the store shelves in the USA are actually peaches that have been grown and processed in China and then exported to the USA. Weird, right?

I will refrain from giving my opinion on peaches from China; however, I did want to bring to light that unless we take time to closely read labels, we really don’t know what we are consuming or where our food was grown, packaged or processed. There are plenty of opinions and controversy about our food being imported. It is safe? What about contamination? What about FDA inspections?

peach basket

It’s so easy just to go about grocery shopping as usual. We have our favorite brands and typically comparison shop by price but may not read everything to see if our purchase is the best option for our health and safety.

As more and more of our foods, fruits, beverages and snacks are outsourced and/or imported, it may be time compare new options and other brands. I encourage you to take time to read labels and packages.

fresh peach

How many calories in a fresh peach?

Approximately 151 calories and 10.9 grams of sugar.

Day 104 – Peachy Keen

I hope you have found this post on peaches to be an eye-opener and of interest. To learn more, I encourage you to search the internet for yourself.

The information shared regarding calories and sugar grams came from researching numerous web sites for nutritional information and may not be consistent with the manufacturer’s packaging.

Disclosure on Wal-Mart’s web site: Important Made in USA Origin Disclaimer: The displayed country of origin information may not be accurate or consistent with manufacturer information. For updated, accurate country of origin data, it is recommended that you rely on product packaging or manufacturer information.

I hope you had a Peachy Keen day ~

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