Day 105 – Sugar Challenged ~ UPDATE

Day 105 – Sugar Challenged ~ UPDATE – May 10, 2016 – I thought I would recap posts that I have written in regards to the first and foremost addiction that I faced when starting Facing MY FAT ~ sugar. When I consume too much sugar, I crave more sugar; thus sugar challenged.

Below are links to blog posts I’ve written and brief updates (in red) as to how I am faring now with sugar. 

Day 105 - Sugar Challenged ~ UPDATE

Sugar Challenged
  • Day 4 – Buy or say Goodbye to Bread – January 28, 2016, Thursday – Bread – A staple in our daily eating habits and the basis of all civilizations’ diets.
    • I haven’t said goodbye to bread but I have cut back. Since bread, like other carbs convert to sugar, I am including it in this post. I still consume some bread, mostly with breakfast. Crackers? No. Sweet breads? No.

Day 9 – Sweet Salty and Fat OH MY

  • Day 9 – Sweet Salty and Fat OH MY – February 2, 2016, Tuesday – My tag line for Facing MY FAT is, one sugar gram at a time. However, my cravings can easily switch between sweet or salty snacks.
    • Sweet and Salty snacks often go hand-in-hand. Either can be a craving trigger for me. And the truth is that even salty carbohydrates convert to sugar when consumed! I had a few potato chips this past week but I refrained from replacing the bag of chips (from January) when at the store today. 
  • Day 10 – Ignorance is Bliss – February 3, 2016, Wednesday – Last night, I listed a link to a New York Times article, written by Michael Moss. This article brings to light, The Bliss Point, the formulation of food products to create the most crave.
    • This post was a real eye-opener for me. After learning about the Bliss Point, it’s no wonder that so many of us crave packaged, processed foods. I have avoided buying foods that are sweet and salty combos. 

Day 18 - Valentine's Day or Sugar Day?

  • Day 18 – Valentine’s Day or Sugar Day? – February 11, 2016, Thursday HELP. I can’t go anywhere without seeing Valentine’s Day candy and sweets. I walked into Wal-Mart yesterday and came face to face with a huge Valentine’s day display.
    • Valentine’s Day was a real challenge for me. Candy was the first to go when I started this blog. I admit that I slipped a few weeks ago and I started eating some M&M’s but I was able to stop. I also had one small candy bar since January 25th. I turn to almonds, peanut butter, bananas and grapes when I want a snack. 
  • Day 19 – Love the Foods that Love You Back, February 12, 2016 – FRIDAY –All weight loss plans revolve around adding or removing specific foods to or from our diet. But Facing MY FAT isn’t a diet and I am responsible for the foods I consume.
    • Before I started my blog, my breakfast frequently included a sugary-sweet carb such as waffles, pancakes, cinnamon roll or crepes. I occasionally have a pancake but I eat one, not three. I also ate a lot of fried onion rings and french fries. I haven’t had a single onion ring since January and french fries only three times. I don’t eat all of them, leaving plenty on the plate.

Day 24 - Stabilizing my Sweet Tooth

  • Day 24 – Stabilizing my Sweet Tooth, February 19, 2016, FRIDAY – I am absolutely amazed how cutting back on sugar has stabilized my sugar cravings.
    • It is true that cutting out the excess sugar does STOP the sugar cravings! Of course, many times I have had to make a conscious decision to NOT start the cravings again. The most important foods and snacks for me to avoid and/or consume sparingly are: candy, cookies, donuts, pastries, cake and ice cream. I have been able to have a little dessert at a gathering with friends or family and not trigger cravings. I either eat a small piece or if I take a piece home, I cut the dessert in to four small pieces and have one over four days. For the most part, I just make sure not to have much around. I stopped baking unless I am taking the baked good somewhere else to be shared with other people.
  • Day 30 – Identifying Hidden Sugars – February 25, 2016, THURSDAY – Sugar is not just called sugar. If it were, it would be easy to identify in our foods.
    • Researching to write my blog posts has helped me tremendously. I write what I need to learn. Sugar of some type is in almost everything! Reading labels for sugar grams (and other ingredients and nutritional info) has become part of my new norm(al).

Day 30 - Identifying Hidden Sugars

  • Day 70 – Fruit Facts vs Weight Loss – Tuesday, April 5, 2016 – I have been consuming more fruit lately which is actually surprising considering that fruit normally isn’t sweet enough for me.
    • I am serious in this post that fruit wasn’t sweet enough for me. What has been a nice surprise is how sweet fruit tastes now. Cutting out excess sugar has changed my taste buds and I need much less sweetness to be satisfied. 
  • Day 97 – ALL Carbs Convert to Sugar –  May 2, 2016 – Ever since I wrote the three posts last week for The Schwarzbein Principle, these words have been ringing in my ears, “All carbs convert to sugar.”
    • This was a fairly recent post and I acknowledged that I still struggle with carbohydrates; especially since carbohydrates convert to sugar when consumed. It wouldn’t be such a problem if I didn’t still have weight to lose. As I shared in the three posts for The Schwarzbein Principle, as long as I have excess body fat, I am still consuming more sugar than my body needs for energy. I’m still working on this challenge, day by day.

Day 97 - ALL Carbs Convert to Sugar

  • Day 104 – Peachy Keen – May 9, 2016 – This weekend I wrote a blog post for Get More Out of Your Snacks. One of the snacks I talked about is Peaches and Cottage Cheese.
    • I just wrote this post yesterday. I am always reminded when writing my own posts that I must continue to read all labels and packaging in order to make informed buying and eating decisions.
Day 105 – Sugar Challenged ~ UPDATE

I really don’t think my sugar challenges will ever be over. This is something I will have to face every day with every meal.

Tonight, I was talking to a lady in my Jazzercise class who also has been losing weight. We agreed completely that losing weight is hard and requires a constant, conscious effort. When we are in complete control of our routine and schedule, we do well. When our schedule or routine changes in any way, we struggle.

And sodium? Boy, did we agree on how sodium affects our weight loss (or gain).

I hope you get a chance to read or re-read the posts shared above. Just click on the links.

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I like to think that my blog is about so much more than losing weight. It’s about life, love and challenges that many of us face whether we are trying to lose weight, or not.

Facing MY FAT,


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