Day 108-110 – Progress NOT Perfection

Day 108-110 – Progress NOT Perfection – WEEKEND – May 13-15, 2016 – It has been said “Teach what you want to learn.” This could be said for me in writing this blog, Facing MY FAT. I research and write about topics and challenges in order to “learn” about what will help me lose weight. But no matter how much I learn, I’m NOT perfect ~ far from it.

Day 108-110 - Progress NOT Perfection

This weekend is a prime example of my imperfections. 


It started Friday afternoon. It was a warm, sunny day and after a long day working our garage sale for the 4th weekend, I wanted to go to the Navarre “Village” garage sales that were supposed to be open dawn to dusk. Yes, I know how crazy that sounds to go to garage sales when we have been having garage sales for the past four weeks, but I really like the sales in this little town. Besides, our first stop was to visit for the first time, a friend’s sandwich shop so that we could get a late lunch/early dinner. I was excited to surprise her but just before we were there, I thought I’d better call to check their hours. To my disappointment, they were already closed so we stopped at an ice cream place instead that offered sandwiches.

I ordered a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich that came with potato chips. I got a bottle of water for my drink. We were really HUNGRY and it took a long time for our sandwiches to come to our table. I took a few bites and knew right away that something was wrong but I was so hungry that I took a couple of more bites. My sandwich was sickening salty. Those aren’t words that have ever come out of my mouth but they were the only words that fit. I asked Mark to taste it too and he agreed.

I had a couple of chips and a few bites of Mark’s cole slaw and then decided to go to the counter about my sandwich. I asked for whoever made my sandwich. The young man came to the counter and I said, “This is my first time here and I have to ask, did you add seasoned salt to my Philly Steak Sandwich, the kind that you put on french fries?” He said “Yes.” I proceeded to tell him that it was greasy and to be honest, sickening salty. He apologized and proceeded to tell me that they didn’t use to add seasoning salt but recently he was told too. (I’d swear it was soaked in seasoning salt).

He gave me my money back but that didn’t fill the void in my still hungry stomach. (I know you can’t read my tone when reading this so please know that I was firm about how my sandwich tasted but I was not mean to this young man and I asked him to let the manager/owner know). This was a good reminder to start asking for, “NO, added salt.”

What did I do to fill this void and to get rid of the salty taste? I ordered an ice cream cone. I haven’t had ice cream since January but I justified it to make up for my awful sandwich.

Ice Cream Cone 1


Yesterday was a very COLD day for our garage sale even if I was sitting inside the garage. I bundled up, turned on my heater, wrapped myself in a blanket but still couldn’t get warm.

We ate a good breakfast in the morning and I drank water and hot tea (no sugar) all day. We skipped lunch and decided to go out for dinner when we closed at 3:00 pm. What was I craving? Comfort food, of course. We went to Golden Corral. Yes, I know how evil buffets are but I wanted hot roast beef and mashed potatoes. Of course, I had to have some dessert too. We ate early so I did come home and walk on the treadmill for 1/2 hour. It was one of those days that I just couldn’t get warm.

golden corral


I made breakfast tacos for us today. I only ate one because I knew I had a Bridal Shower Brunch to go to at 11:30. What I didn’t quite know about the shower was that it was open-air in a picnic type shelter. OMG. It was cold and windy. There were even a few snowflakes and some sleet. This is May 15th in Ohio and it felt like February. Do you understand now why I want to move out-of-state?

I actually had to call Mark and ask him to bring me my winter coat and earmuffs. I had dressed in jeans, a lightweight top, a lightweight sweater and my spring coat. Luckily, I had gloves with me.

If the weather had cooperated, it would have been the perfect bridal shower with a lake view. As it was, they had blue plastic tarps on the lake view side to try to help control the wind. There was a large, portable heater in the center of the picnic pavilion and a few people had blankets that they shared. 

The food was great. Scrambled eggs, sausage, yogurt with fresh fruit, mimosa and donuts. I had a little of everything, including a Boston Cream donut. Again, I haven’t had a donut since January. Plus, I brought home two cake pops, one for me and one for Mark. Which, by the way, I did NOT like as they were much too sweet.

To compensate for my digressions (mimosa, donut and cake pop)? I skipped the “donut cake” offered at the bridal shower and I came home and walked the treadmill for two miles. I figured the walking would at least help thaw out my toes.

bostoncremedonutProgress NOT Perfection

My point in sharing this is simply to say that I am NOT perfect and losing weight is a process. As much as I would love to strive for perfection every day, the reality is I hope for progress on most days.

When I am tired, cold or very hungry, food tempts me more than ever. And when my schedule is not my usual routine, it’s so easy for me to make less-healthy choices than perhaps I would otherwise.

Progress, NOT perfection. That’s just how losing weight and (my) life is.

Day 108-110 - Progress NOT Perfection

Facing MY FAT,


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