Day 112 – When the novelty of NEW wears off

Day 112 – When the novelty of NEW wears off – Tuesday, May 17, 2016 – I am at Day 112 of Facing MY FAT and as I looked in the mirror today I decided ~ It’s time to face my fat again. I declared today a starting over day. I am frustrated that my weight has stalled for the past two weeks, or should I say now three? Of course, weigh-in is not until Thursday but I am concerned as I watch my weight yo-yo up and down.

By starting over day, I mean getting back to what I did when I started Facing MY FAT that enabled me to lose 13 pounds. When I made this announcement to my husband this morning and that we had to stop eating out so much…he said, “But it’s still burger month at Red Robin.” I’ve had two burgers at Red Robin since I started my blog in January and I think that the last time I checked, it’s always burger month at Red Robin! He often claims that he is my conscience so I told him, “If you really want to be my conscience, then you need to help me instead of enabling me.”


The Novelty of New

As I thought about writing this post tonight, I couldn’t help but think about what it feels like when something is new. For example when you buy a new car, or even if it is used, it is still new to you and you can’t stop admiring it or thinking about it. You are so proud of it that you keep it washed on the outside and swept on the inside. It feels great to own a new car. Whenever anything is new, there is something exciting about it.

This is a true story…..A few years ago a friend of mine got a new (to her) car. We were out for the day going to garage sales. Her young son was with us. At one of the garage sales, the homeowner offered myself and her son a free cookie. (This was before I was trying to lose weight)

We went back to the car where my friend was waiting and she told us that we couldn’t eat the cookies in her “new” car. So we stood outside in the lightly, drizzling rain and wolfed down our cookies before we got into the car.

A week later, it was my turn to drive and we stopped at a Church sale. The Church offered free bottles of water and free cookies. I grabbed a bottle of water but passed on the cookies and went and got in my car. My friend and her son got in my car with napkins filled with several cookies. I said, “Wait a minute. I had to eat my cookie outside of your car last week but you get inside my car with cookies to eat?” She just laughed it off and offered me a cookie.

My point? I guess (to her) my car wasn’t “new” anymore. Showing my car a little consideration from the cookie crumbs was history. Hum. I guess the novelty of new had worn off.


Putting the NEW back in ReNEWing

For me, losing weight is a slow process and at Day 112, I wish I were further along. Last night, a neighbor and friend asked me how my weight loss and blog was coming along. I told her about how my weight has stalled now for several weeks but I was still committed to it and I keep walking the treadmill, working out and trying to watch what I eat.

She asked me if I used the incline feature on my treadmill. I said that I had in the past but had forgotten about it. As a result of her suggestion, I kicked up my treadmill walk today by changing the incline every five minutes. I took her suggestion and made it into a new challenge.

By renewing my commitment as if today was my first day of trying to lose weight, I feel a renewed energy and excitement. It helped that Mark said, “Maybe its muscle weight that you have now that is affecting the number on the scale.”


Day 112 – When the novelty of NEW wears off

When the novelty of the newness wears off on our “new” car, we stop washing it so much and we may slow down on cleaning the interior. After awhile, we slow down or even stop talking about it because it doesn’t feel as new to us anymore.

As I compare this scenario to losing weight, after a few months it is easy to stop taking care of ourselves and to keep doing what is necessary to reach our weight loss goals. If it weren’t for writing this blog, this could easily have happened to me.

As it is, until I reach my goal range of 140 to 145 pounds, I am NOT done Facing MY FAT. And even when I reach my goal, there will still be maintenance to stay at my goal.

Novelty means “New, Original, or Unusual.”

My husband, Mark, would say about me, “Two out of three ain’t bad.”

Facing MY FAT,


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