Day 114 – Thursday WEIGH IN

Day 114 – Thursday WEIGH IN – May 19, 2016 – The good news is ~ I lost weight. The bad news is ~ it’s not very much. The frustrating part? Yesterday morning, my weight was lower than today. And, I walked four miles on the treadmill yesterday! Ugh.


The scale giveth and the scale taketh away

I wish you could have seen me this morning. Our scale is quirky and sometimes it needs a little boost to make it work properly. By that I mean, we can get on our scale, get back off, get back on again and get a different number. Sometimes, I hold things in my hands to increase my weight in hopes that when I set the items down, the scale goes down too. I guess you could say that I am trying to influence the scale in my favor.

This morning, I tried holding Mark’s shaving organizer. I got back on the scale ~ got off, weighed again ~ but I didn’t like the number. Then I held his shaving organizer and his radio. I got back on the scale ~ got off, weighed again ~ but I didn’t like the number. Then, in desperation, I held his shaving organizer, his radio and the tabletop mirror. I got back on the scale ~ weighed again ~ okay, the number was as good as it was going to get. Insane, right? (It’s a good thing that Mark wasn’t in the room to see my comical attempts to influence the number on the scale)

Why did I try so hard to get the scale to show a lower weight? Because yesterday my weight was at its lowest so far. I weighed 160.8 and because it was lower, I was expecting this morning to see 159.something. 

I held my face in my hands and nearly cried. On one hand, at least it wasn’t the same as the past two weeks where I’ve been stuck on 161.4. But 161.0 isn’t anything to get excited about either..

Obviously, if I had any real influence over my scale, I would have demanded a lower number. My scale giveth and my scale taketh away. Ugh.

Today’s Weigh In

I started my blog on January 25, 2016, at 175 pounds. This morning, my weight was 161.0 pounds. I am down .4 pounds since my last posted weight on May 12th for an accumulative, weight loss of 14 pounds. My goal is to lose 30 to 35 pounds, for a final weight of 140 to 145 pounds. I have 16 to 21 pounds to go.


Day 114 – Thursday WEIGH IN

I really don’t have much else to share tonight. I’ve started walking the treadmill for 2-miles at a time, several times a week. I’m still doing Jazzercise classes and I am still trying to make wise choices with what I eat.

Full Gauge

Sometimes I wish our bodies came with a Food gauge that would work like our Fuel gauge.

And when we’ve eaten enough (and enough of the right foods, of course), a little lever pops up and says “FULL.” And our body refuses to accept any more food until we’ve burned off what we’ve already consumed. Wouldn’t that be great? Losing weight would be so much easier. 

I wonder if someone on the Shark Tank TV show has thought of inventing that? Hum.

Facing MY FAT,


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