Day 118 – BOOST the BURN

Day 118 – BOOST the BURN – May 23, 2016 – I’ve been trying something new and I am calling it “Boost the Burn.”  What I mean by that is increasing my exercise in several different ways in an effort to boost my metabolism in the hope of burning more calories than I am consuming.


Walk the Walk

It actually started a few weeks ago when my husband, Mark, encouraged me to increase my treadmill time from 20 minutes (approx. 1 mile) to 30 minutes. I did so for a week and then increased it again to 45 minutes or 2-miles; whichever came first.

Another way I am boosting the burn is by walking outside every chance I get. Yesterday, we walked four laps around the block which is approx. 2 miles and then walked again in the evening for five laps.

15 minutes

Extend the Workout

I’ve also decided that on Jazzercise class days, if I am unable to get my treadmill or outdoor walking in due to time constraints or weather, I plan on staying for 15-30 minutes of the second class to re-boost my metabolism during the high-impact stage of the class.

Extending a workout 15-minutes a week, four times a week can result in a boost of an extra 1-hour routine without taking up an extra day to do it.

10 pound

Build More Muscle

Another way I’m boosting the burn is by increasing my hand-held free weights from 8-pounds to 10-pounds. I started this on Day 101 and I can really feel the difference. In fact, tonight at class, I was able to do push-ups. Something I haven’t had the strength to do since ~ forever. Increasing my weights gave me the confidence and ability to boost the burn. When you build more muscle, strength and stamina follows.Day 118 - BOOST the BURN

Day 118 – BOOST the BURN

Maybe you don’t need to boost your burn. But my lifestyle can be very sedentary at times, especially for the past month. Having garage sales every weekend as we prepare to sell our house involves sitting in the garage as we wait for customers. If I am in the house working, I am often sitting and working on my eBay store.

This weekend we did a LOT of sitting. Visiting with relatives, graduation commencement, dinners, etc. Sitting seemed to be the theme of the weekend.

If you find yourself sitting more than moving, I challenge you to get active and boost the burn. Now that the weather is getting nice, walking outside is a great way to get some exercise and fresh air at the same time.

Tonight, I am looking forward to our 2-mile walk around the block after dinner.

How do you boost your burn?

Facing MY FAT,


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