Day 119-120 – WEIGHT Talk is TABOO

Day 119-120 – WEIGHT Talk is TABOO – May 24-25, 2016 – Have you ever noticed that talking about your weight is taboo? Or should I say, people commenting on your weight is taboo?

We are human and we gain weight and we lose weight. Sometimes we gain a little and sometimes a lot. Sometimes our weight changes intentionally and sometimes not. No matter how, what, when or why, I’ve come to the conclusion that weight talk is taboo.

Day 119-120 - WEIGHT Talk is TABOO

Weight Gain

I fully understand why talking about someone’s weight gain is taboo. We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and it might be because of a medical condition that we aren’t aware of. If the person wants to share about the reason they gained weight, we can be a good listener.

Thin by Nature

Perhaps you are already thin by nature and you prefer that people not comment on your thinness. Maybe what is a natural and normal weight for you appears overly thin to the average or overweight person. Maybe they wish they could be so lucky as to have your metabolism. But then again, maybe you have health issues that contribute to your thinness. One never really knows.

weight loss gain

Weight Loss

What I really want to talk about is when you choose to lose weight. Losing weight is hard to do. For me, it’s one of the hardest challenges I’ve ever undertaken. The irony is when you’ve lost enough that is it noticeable but the people who know you best, simply don’t seem to notice. At least, they refrain from letting you know that they notice.

This makes me ask myself, “Why is talking about or acknowledging weight loss taboo?”


Depending upon what side of the coin you are on ~ the one losing weight or the one who knows someone who is losing weight ~ here are some things to consider about weight loss in comparison with other health issues.

If a person is diagnosed with an illness or health issue, most people’s immediate reaction would be to inquire about their condition and wish them well with their recovery. They may even touch base with them once in a while to see how they are doing and to offer encouragement.

Being overweight is actually a health issue too but most people do not realize it as such until or unless an illness or other disease (diabetes, heart disease, etc) is officially diagnosed. From my viewpoint, losing weight is a huge step in preventing, stopping or in some cases reversing many of the diseases of aging. Not a guarantee, of course, but a positive step in the right direction.

Losing weight is a BIG DEAL for many reasons and it would be so nice if people could be more supportive and encouraging towards the person losing the weight. It amazes me how people can pretend that they don’t notice especially when you’ve made it known to them that you are in the process of losing weight.

Of course, it could be that people are afraid to support someone who is losing weight because ~ what if you gain it back? What do they say to you then?

Or, perhaps they are battling their own weight and they don’t want to face their own fat, let alone support you in facing yours.

Or, maybe they don’t really believe you will reach your goal anyway, so they are just biding their time until you give up, which ultimately proves them right.


A Little Help from Your Friends

If you know of someone who has shared with you that they are trying to lose weight, I encourage you to be supportive. Losing weight is a lonely enough job but can feel even lonelier when no one notices all of your hard work. I don’t think people are looking for praise for every pound but a little recognition when the weight loss starts to show is a great boost to their motivation. And who doesn’t like or need that?

Day 119-120 – WEIGHT Talk is TABOO

Let’s work at taking the taboo out of talking about our weight. For unknown reasons, we are conditioned to not talk about it. Even in weight loss meetings, a person’s actual weight is never shared or discussed. Only the “amount” lost is occasionally shared. Maybe if more people were willing to share their actual numbers week by week, they would inspire more people to take on the challenge of losing weight. Talking about and acknowledging our weight is freeing and it is the first step in facing it.

Do you know of someone who is in the process of or who has actually lost weight? I encourage you to think about what they are actually doing. They are working towards getting healthier. As we change our diets and increase our exercise, our metabolism and our body starts to heal and gradually the excess weight starts to come off. Losing weight is a process and the effort it takes seems monumental at times.

Encourage a friend, co-worker or relative and wish them well with their weight loss goals. A little encouragement goes a long way and who knows…someday you may be in their shoes.

Facing MY FAT,


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