Day 156 – Thursday WEIGH IN

Day 156 – Thursday WEIGH IN – Thursday – June 30, 2016 – I always enjoy “weigh-in” day when I have lost weight and today is one of those days. I have been losing weight for the past five months and although I continue to lose slowly, at least I continue to lose.

Losing weight is the hardest thing I’ve ever done and the only time in my life that I’m actually okay with being called ~ a “loser!”

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Today’s Weigh In

I started my blog on January 25, 2016, at 175 pounds. This morning, my weight was 157.2 pounds. My weight is down 1.4 pounds from last week for an accumulative, weight loss of 17.8 pounds. My goal is to lose 30 to 35 pounds, for a final weight of 140 to 145 pounds. I have 12.2 to 17.2 pounds to go.


Losing weight is a big process…

Day 156 - Thursday WEIGH IN

Cut the Candy

On January 25, 2016, when I started “Facing MY FAT”, I focused on my sugar addiction and how if I had too much sugar, I set myself up for sugar cravings. I cut back on refined sugar, candy and junk foods.

Bye Bye Baking

I stopped baking unless I was taking the goodies to a party or family gathering. I like to call it “Bake and Take.” I used to bake every single week! I have a go-to recipe for a healthy cookie and I bake up a small batch that lasts in the fridge or freezer for a couple of weeks. This cookie doesn’t trigger sugar cravings. I’m still tweaking variations of the recipe.

Sodium is Not My Friend

Next came my realization as to how much excess sodium (salt) affected my ability to lose weight. I now use a pinch of salt and sometimes no salt at all. I request no added salt when eating out. I read labels now and the sodium content (along with a few other things) often determines whether I purchase it or not. I read restaurant “nutritional information” to be better informed before I dine out.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Then, I kicked up my exercise classes, increased my free weights from 8-pounds to 10-pounds and walk 2-miles almost every day.

Snacks and Drinks

I’ve been reducing artificial sweeteners in my diet. I threw out the Splenda Blend and I stopped adding artificial sweeteners to my ice tea. I stopped buying diet pop and only occasionally have one out. I limit my ice tea to one a day and drink water more than anything else. If I have a snack, I have unsalted, oven-roasted almonds, fresh fruit or my go-to healthy cookie.

None of the above is absolute but I have made tremendous progress in every category.

What's Next

What’s Next?

With all this said, I still ask myself, “How much less do I have to eat to reach my first goal weight of 145 pounds?”

I can’t help but think (and hope) that I’ve found the answer to that question with my newest challenge of “Counting Bites.”

In case you missed my posts over the past few days:

  • Day 153 – Counting BITES of Food – June 27, 2016 – I just discovered “Counting or Tracking” bites of food and as a result, I am so excited about writing this post.
  • Day 154 – Shrink STOMACH Shrink – Tuesday – June 28, 2016 – Day Two of Counting BITES of food. You could say that one of the goals in counting and eventually reducing bites of food is to reduce or “shrink” our stomachs.
  • Day 155 – Counting Bites vs Counting Calories – Wednesday – June 29, 2016 –Today is Day Three of my Counting BITES of food challenge and I’d like to address “bites” vs. “calories.”

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Day 156 – Thursday WEIGH IN

Time will tell if counting bites is the “eating tool” and challenge that will help push me to the finish line. I am on Day 4 of establishing my 7-day baseline.

Day 1 Monday – 77 Bites, Day 2 Tuesday – 79 Bites, Day 3 Wednesday – 79 Bites, Day 4 Thursday ~ today so far at 59 Bites. I still need to eat dinner and perhaps have a snack tonight.

On Sunday, I will provide an update and on Monday, I will post my daily “average” bites.

After that? If I continue to lose weight eating as I already am, I may not have to do much but keep up what I am already doing.

If my weight goes up come Monday, it will be time to start reducing my daily bites of food.

To be continued….

Facing MY FAT,


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