Day 157-160 – 7-Day Counting BITES Baseline

Day 157-160 – 7-Day Counting BITES Baseline – July 4th Weekend – June 1-4, 2016 – The weekend flew by, today is the 4th of July and I’m just getting around to writing my blog post. I promised an update for the results of my 7-day “Bites” average.

It has been an interesting week as I adjusted to counting bites. I still find myself starting to eat and then, “Oops, I need to get my tracker open on my phone!

Day 157-160 - 7-Day Counting BITES Baseline
7-Day Bites Update
  • Monday – 77 Bites
  • Tuesday – 79 Bites
  • Wednesday – 79 Bites
  • Thursday – 86 Bites
  • Friday – 73 Bites
  • Saturday – 100 Bites (Niece’s graduation party. I ended up being there long enough to eat twice.)
  • Sunday – 84 Bites
  • TOTAL 578 BITES of Food divided by 7 days = 82.57 daily average

number 7

To my surprise, when I woke up this morning for my 8th day, my phone App for said that I have 66 Bites available for me today. Apparently, my App is cutting back my bites of food by about 20%. I read about this on the web site but didn’t realize it would automatically update in my phone.

Since I haven’t entered my “goal weight” into the App, I believe the App is using my BMI (Body Mass Index) from my height and weight that entered. It adjusted my number of daily food bites to what is necessary to get my BMI to a healthy range. Note: I update my weight daily.

My BMI is currently 28.3 which is still too high. Per various charts and calculators, I should be between 18.6 to 24.9. The magic weight for me to become BMI compliant? 135 to 140 pounds. That is five pounds less than my lowest goal of 140 pounds. To calculate your BMI, try this calculator

This sounds very challenging to me. I’ve been trying to reach my former weight, before menopause. I felt healthy and happy with my weight of 140 to 145 pounds. To go much lower, puts me in a range of very thin and perhaps gaunt in the face.

Example of BMI – I am at 28.3
Day 157-160 – 7-Day Counting BITES Baseline

The bottom line is this ~ I’m trying to lose weight to be healthy and as long as the excess body fat is gone and I feel good ~ that will be good enough for me. I’m not a firm believer in “charts.” They are guidelines, not absolute. Unless, of course, my healthy insurance company is charging me based upon the guidelines!

I did ask myself when I started this, “How much less do I have to eat to reach my goal?”

Answer: 66 Bites of Food or 16.57 less bites of food a day than I averaged the last week!

After that? I’m not sure yet. I expect that my tracker will re-adjust again after 7 days.

In case you missed my prior posts regarding Counting Bites of food in place of counting calories or “points”:

I hope you had a wonderful, July 4th weekend ~

Facing MY FAT,


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