Day 69 – Monday WEIGH IN

Day 69 – Monday WEIGH IN – April 4, 2016 – I woke up this morning, got on the scale and after seeing my weight, I felt sick. So, I decided to take a sick day today. In fact, I am going to allow myself five sick days a year for Facing MY FAT. That is five Mondays that I am allowing myself NOT to post my weight. 

Seems reasonable to me. There are some days when a person feels like calling off work even though not really sick. Sometimes, we just need a break. That is how I felt this morning after weighing. Not only was I sick from seeing my weight, I felt the need to take a break from posting my weight. 

Day 69 - Monday WEIGH IN

Here are some facts and maybe a few excuses
  • Our treadmill broke 10 days ago and I haven’t been walking my 1-mile a day. That is 10 miles I have missed. Even five times a week for 1-hour Jazzercise classes doesn’t seem to be enough. I didn’t realize the treadmill had made such an impact on my weight loss ~ until it broke.
  • I can’t say no to Mexican food and been having at least one big meal mid-week (for several weeks now)
  • I ate at KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) Saturday night (high sodium). See my blog post, Harmful Secret Ingredients.
  • My brother invited us over for homemade pizza last night at Mom and Dad’s house. I didn’t know the pizza would have pickled yellow peppers (I could taste the salt/sodium). The pizza tasted great, I was hungry and I ate too much.
  • Mom offered brownies. Hard to say no to a peanut butter and chocolate brownie. I cut a smaller piece than I would have eaten in the past but it was still sugar and carbs.

hate to waste sick days

Day 69 – Monday WEIGH IN

I am going back to basics. I have let too many carbs slip back into my meals. And there is good news. Mark got the part in to fix the treadmill. Since I already did Jazzercise tonight and it is nearly 9:00 pm, I will start back tomorrow to walk a mile a day.

So there it is. I called off sick today. That leaves me with only four sick days left for 2016.

Hopefully, I won’t need them.

Facing MY FAT,


P.S. I am self-employed. Yes, no boss. But then no paid sick days either.

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