Day 73 – 75 Identifying Weak Links in Losing Weight

Day 73 – 75 Identifying Weak Links in Losing Weight – WEEKEND, April 8-10, 2016 – If you have tried to lose weight, you have probably experienced weak links in your efforts and consistency to do so. I often share some of my weak link challenges on Mondays when I weigh-in. In fact, this past week I allowed myself a Sick Day and did not post my weight.

Since I refuse to measure or weigh my food, and I choose not to count calories (or points), my weight loss is dependent upon what I choose to eat, how much I choose to eat and how much exercise I choose to get. Sure, it may be easier to join a weight loss plan but I have been there, done that. And, it didn’t work for me.

free spirit

Why? I guess because I am a free spirit. I am not a follower. I find it hard to stay committed to and consistent with guidelines set before me. Oh, I did follow for a while and I did lose some weight but I couldn’t keep on track. Or should I say, I couldn’t keep track?

I will say that by trying a weight loss plan, I did learn a lot about myself and my eating habits. I did learn to make better choices and I did learn portion control.

What was my weak link or links in following a weight loss plan? I couldn’t keep it up. I got tired of eating the same things over and over just to make it easier for me to track. I got tired of going to meetings and pretending that I was a good student when I wasn’t.

Day 73 - 75 Identifying Weak Links in Losing Weight

My Weak Links

Since I did not post my weight this past Monday, I have stepped back to take a hard look at the yo-yo effect of my weight loss. It is easier now to identify what I consumed the day before and how my weight fluctuates as a result. Taking this into consideration, I have identified several weak links in my effort to lose weight.

  • 1st Weak Link – No Jazzercise Classes on Fridays and Sundays. As a result it has been my pattern to pretty much take these days off from exercising. Have identified these two days as weak links, I made sure this weekend to get in more exercise on the treadmill along with exercising with free weights.
  • 2nd Weak Link – Mexican Food. Except for this past week, I have had Mexican food “out” at least one day a week. I absolutely love tortilla chips with salsa, a Fajita Burrito, re-fried beans and rice. Yes, I can and I do make Fajitas at home and mine are low sodium. While I know I am not going to give up eating Mexican food at my favorite restaurant, I will cut back.
  • 3rd Weak Link – Restaurant Meals. I have always known that eating out presents challenges for high calories and high sodium. It is much easier to control what is in my food when I actually cook my food. What can I do?
    • Make a conscious effort to order low sodium foods
    • Avoid adding salt and request no added salt or seasoning
    • Eat half of my meal and take home the rest for another day
  • 4th Weak Link – Allowing myself to get hungry and not having a snack handy. This week, our schedule was quite different and I found myself away from home, hungry and no snack with me. What did I do? I broke down and put a quarter in the candy machine for some M&M’s.
    • Why is this such a big deal? Because, the M&M’s that are in my fridge (that I haven’t touched since January) started calling my name again. I caved and had a few the past couple of days. If you missed it, I wrote about this challenge in my post, Day 63 – Let the Food do the Talking.
Day 73 – 75 Identifying Weak Links in Losing Weight

You could say that identifying weak links is the same as identifying our weaknesses. If we take time to review our patterns and identify any weak links, we can take steps to fix them.

I seldom mention it, but my husband and I hand craft jewelry and over the past six years, we have made and sold many necklaces, bracelets and earrings. I work mostly with beads and occasionally I re-string vintage and heirloom jewelry for clients.


Mark makes chainmaille jewelry. Chainmaille is a “joining of rings” and is a concept from medieval times when Knights wore chainmaille armor. Wire is coiled and cut into individual rings called jump rings. He then joins each ring, one-by-one, to make beautiful and unique chainmaille jewelry.


All jewelry, be it hand crafted or not, is dependent upon ALL of the components working together by specific design to make it a wearable piece. If any component is not working properly, the jewelry becomes unwearable.


Weight loss is much the same. When all the components are in place, the weight starts to come off.  And when the components are not? It is a signal to take time out to find, fix or adjust the weak links.

I guess you could say, in link and in sync.

Facing MY FAT,


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