Day 78 – I want my Small Boobies Back

Day 78 – I want my Small Boobies Back – April 13, 2016 – I know. What am I thinking…writing about my boobies? Well, it is true. When I had small boobies, I was small all over. When I started gaining weight, I started getting bigger boobies too.

Day 78 - I want my Small Boobies Back

If only Clothes would Fit

Tonight when I walked into Jazzercize class, I saw a cute tank top for sale. I commented on how hard it is for me to find workout shirts or tanks that actually fit. Most sizes run smaller than the size marked. A large is more like a small and an X-large fits more like a medium. I have gone to XXL to make sure there is a chance the top will still fit after it has been washed. Where are the workout tops for middle-aged, overweight women?

The lady checking me in agreed that over the years, just a few pounds of weight gain resulted in a gain in her chest as well. She seemed okay with that. Not so much for me. She looked at what I was wearing and I said, “They are flattened out for class.” Trust me, there is nothing more uncomfortable than bouncing boobs during high-impact cardio. When I was watching Extreme Weight Loss, I couldn’t believe they didn’t give the young woman a better workout bra. OMG, they had to hurt.

I rarely can wear button-front shirts because the shirt becomes a peek-a-boob shirt as a result of the gap between the buttons. I have to buy larger shirts to fit my chest and then they end up too big under the arms. I like v-neck tops (I like to think they make my neck look longer) but I have to watch that they aren’t too low, resulting in showing too much cleavage.

To accommodate my boobs, I always have to buy tops that are too large for my shoulders and armpits. When I do find a top that fits these areas, my waist often becomes the issue and I have to up size anyway.

I can’t wait until I lose this weight and can wear just about anything I choose. I tried on some dresses recently and still looked like a box. And, forget trying on bathing suits. No way.


Day 78 – I want my Small Boobies Back

From my 20’s to my early 40’s, I could wear anything I wanted too. Sure, I gained some weight over the years but I still could comfortably fit into a 2-piece bathing suit and buying clothes was fun. My boobs were where they were supposed to be and I had a waist.

I have never been pregnant so I have never experienced enlarged boobies as a result. And, I do not have implants. All natural. Just ask the lady who does my smash-o-gram every year.

My weight gain and larger boobies is a result of early menopause at the age of 44. My weight shot up 20 pounds and I kept gaining pounds and inches everywhere. Baggy tops and stretch pants became my mainstay.

Since I started Facing MY FAT, I have lost some weight and several inches of body fat. My boobies are a little smaller and now slightly bigger than my belly. When I wear a pair of jeans and a top that fits a little tighter, I can feel and see some improvement. I am feeling better about myself and my shape.

I am serious though when I say, “I want my small boobies back.”

Small Boobies, Small Body.

Facing MY FAT,


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