Day 87 – 89 Taco Egg Breakfast for Two

Day 87 – 89 Taco Egg Breakfast for Two – WEEKEND April 22-24, 2016 – Sunday is my favorite day of the week to make breakfast. Last weekend I made Taco Shell Scrambled Eggs. I thought I would post it tonight so if you have tortilla pans, perhaps you could make the recipe tomorrow.

Taco Tortilla Pan

I’ve had these tortilla pans in my cupboard for quite some time. I got them out to use and discovered that my 6-inch tortilla shells were too small so I overlayed two of them as shown. 8-inch tortillas would work better.

To make the scramble, add some oil or Ghee to a skillet. When the Ghee has melted, add 1 cup of diced peppers and onions. You can saute any vegetables you like. I then added 1 cup of pre-cubed, frozen breakfast potatoes.

breakfast egg potatoes

In a small bowl, whisk together 4 whole eggs. Pour the egg mixture into the skillet of sautéed vegetables and potatoes along with 2-teaspoons of my No Salt Fajita Taco Seasoning Mix. Stir and scramble the eggs until they are soft set.

taco eggs shell

Place the tortilla pans on a cookie sheet and fill each shell with half of the scrambled egg mixture. Top each with a handful of shredded cheddar cheese. If you’d like, add bacon bits to the top.

Bake at 350 degrees for 12-15 minutes or until the cheese is melted. Salt and pepper to preferred taste.

(Note: I tried breaking a whole egg on top of each but the egg did not cook up in a timely manner. I would not do this next time).

Day 87 - 89 Taco Egg Breakfast for Two

We ate our Sunday breakfast in the sun room while enjoying the view.

breakfast view

As we prepare to sell our home, our days to enjoy meals with the lake view are numbered.

breakfast for 2 on lake

Day 87 – 89 Taco Egg Breakfast for Two

If you enjoy a crisp tortilla shell, these pans would be a good addition to your baking pans. I am looking forward to baking more and using the shells for taco salads.

I liked the contrast between the soft egg and the crispy shell.  I am always up for scrambled eggs in tortillas whether the shells are crispy from the oven or warmed in the microwave for a soft wrap.

Recipe – No Salt Fajita Taco Seasoning Mix

How to make Ghee

Enjoy ~

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