Day 90 – Fat Does NOT Make You Fat

Day 90 – Fat Does NOT Make You Fat – April 25, 2016 – Many years ago, at least a decade now, I came across a book called, The Schwarzbein Principle, “The Truth About Losing Weight, Being Healthy and Feeling Younger” written by Diana Schwarzbein, M.D. and Nancy Deville.

Dr. Schwarzbein is a leading authority on metabolic healing. She founded the Endocrinology Institute of Santa Barbara in 1993. Schwarzbein is an endocrinologist and sub-specializes in metabolism, diabetes, osteoporosis, menopause and thyroid conditions.

Diana Schwarzbein, M.D.

I believed then as I do now, what she has written in this book. Why? Because it just makes sense.

The problem? It has taken me over a decade to truly face my fat. I’ve tried many times to cut back on sugar and carbs but I never really looked at it as an addiction. When I have too much sugar or sugar-infused carbohydrates, I crave more sugar. When I do a good job of avoiding it, the cravings subside and my weight starts to drop. Until I started this blog, Facing MY FAT, I never fully embraced that the only way for me to lose weight (and excess body fat) was to give up my consistent diet of high sugar and unhealthy carbohydrates.

high sugar

About six years ago, I tried Weight Watchers. For awhile, I tracked what I ate, I counted points and I lost some weight. I did learn a lot and going to the meetings helped me keep my serving portions in check. But I didn’t like counting and tracking and there were two specific things that bothered me about the Weight Watchers program. One, they never addressed how my body actually processes or responds to different types of food and two, the program did not offer a group exercise program.

I really thought I could eat anything, as long as I tracked the points (I know differently now). And I would have loved to work out with the nice ladies in my weekly group. Instead we sat in a meeting for a half hour and talked about food and exercise. That is why I left. I took the $40 I was paying a month and applied it to Jazzercise classes and I’ve never looked back.


As to discussing how our body processes food, I gave my WW leader a copy of The Schwarzbein Principle in the hope that the information might get incorporated into our meetings. I should have known that she could never speak of it EVER. They have a program and they do not vary from it. Period. And they do sell packaged, processed foods. I guess I was hoping the higher-ups would get wind of Diana Schwarzbein’s book and include the information in their program. Not.

Perhaps Weight Watchers believes that learning about how our body processes food, or the diseases that can result from what we consume, or accelerated metabolic aging is too technical or too serious to motivate us. I mean, you’ve probably never heard of Diana Schwarzbein but I bet you’ve heard of Jennifer Hudson and Oprah Winfrey.

Truth be told, even though I was exercising instead of sitting in a meeting talking about it, I did gain back some of the weight I had lost. I stopped watching my portions and the sugary sweets and carbs once again became part of my daily consumption.

I think The Schwarzbein Principle is important enough to dedicate a few days this week to share some highlights. I hope you will try to get a copy of her book so you can learn about your body and metabolism. Metabolism is defined as the amount of energy a person’s body burns. In Schwarzbein’s book, you will learn that there is more to metabolism than this simple definition. It is an irony that many of us know so little about our bodies and how food and food products (and more) affect everything when it comes to our hormones, our weight and our health.

Of course, I did say that it has taken me a decade to get serious about my weight. Although I’ve read and re-read this book several times over the years, I am reading it this time with a renewed interest. To have a healthy metabolism, I still have a lot of changes to make. And I have more unhealthy, food products to eliminate from my diet.

Let’s Talk About Fat

I know…the name of my blog is Facing MY FAT but I have never believed that fat causes fat. While there are good fats and some bad fats, I still believe that eating healthy fats is essential to my good health.

I also believe that I need to eat healthy to become physically healthy. And when my metabolism is healed, healthy and functioning properly, I will continue to lose weight. Yes, exercise plays a major role but what I eat affects everything about my health.


The Schwarzbein Principle – excerpts from the book
  • Per Schwarzbein, Eating fat does not make you fat
    • Eating a low-fat diet will make you fat. Her research shows that eating fat is essential for reproduction, regeneration of healthy tissues and for maintaining ideal body composition.
    • A low-fat diet causes heart attacks. Most recommended diets for heart disease are low in fat and high in carbohydrates. A high carb diet can lead to increased insulin resulting in plaqueing of the arteries. Eating fat and cholesterol lowers insulin levels and switches off the internal production of cholesterol.
    • Muscle mass is made from the proteins and fats we eat. Carbohydrates DO NOT build muscle.
    • Fats do not stimulate insulin secretion at all and cannot be stored in the fat cells.
    • Dietary fat is vital to delaying insulin resistance and preventing accelerated metabolic aging.
    • Eating fat is essential to our survival.
    • Low-fat, low-calorie diets turn off your metabolism.
    • When you cut back on dietary fats and proteins, your body is forced to take these materials from bones and muscles to keep up with the rebuilding process.
What Makes Us Fat?
  • High Insulin levels
    • As a result of too much refined sugar
    • As a result of too many carbohydrates (ALL carbohydrates are converted to sugar by the body)
  • Insufficient Fats and Proteins
  • Manufactured Food products
  • Poor Nutrition
  • Lack of Exercise

Day 90 - Fat Does Not Make You Fat

Day 90 – Fat Does NOT Make You Fat

Healthy Fats and Proteins include (not limited to): a variety of meats, eggs, fish, shellfish, cheese, nuts, butter and assorted oils. Schwarzbein’s books include a list of foods and recipes.

I hope the above has caught your attention. Tomorrow night I will share some excerpts and information from her book regarding insulin resistance. If you know of anyone who has heart disease, is diabetic or borderline, overweight with excess belly fat or having trouble with their metabolism, I hope you will forward this blog post about Diana Schwarzbein’s book, The Schwarzbein Principle or her newest book, The Program.

Her web site is,

Please know that I get absolutely nothing in return for posting this information. I just believe the information she provides is important enough to share it in this post. I have seen the effects a low-fat diet can have on a person. I personally know the effects of too much sugar. This book teaches us about food, our hormones, our bodies and our health.

Facing MY FAT,


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