Day 99 – 15 Minutes Can Save You 150 Calories

Day 99 – 15 Minutes Can Save You 150 Calories (and more) –  May 4, 2016 – This is not a headline for a magazine, nor a commercial but the claim is true. You really can save 150 calories or more in 15 minutes.

If you eat out as often as I do, it is very easy to consume hundreds of calories before you even begin to eat your meal. Even if you eat at home, calories (not to mention fat, sodium, carbs, sugar, etc…) can add up before you know it. Although I am not big on counting calories, the simplest way to present this information is to share with you the caloric information that I’ve researched. This info can be hindering my weight loss and yours.

At the risk of sounding like an auto-insurance commercial, this is really important information.

Think about this ~ How many times before your meal is served, have you’ve consumed the following….

Day 99 - 15 Minutes Can Save You 150 Calories and More

Two (2) pieces of bread, bread sticks or dinner rolls
  • Longhorn whole wheat bread – 102 calories each, 204 calories total, not including butter.
  • Love sour dough bread at an Italian restaurant? 185 calories each, 370 calories total, not including butter. Who eats bread without butter? Not me.
  • A loaf of bread at Macaroni Grill is a whopping 480 calories. Split that for two people, dip the bread in the seasoned oil and it’s an easy 240 plus calories.
  • Dinner rolls aren’t too bad at 77 calories each but it is easy to consume two while waiting for your meal at 154 calories total, not to mention added butter.
  • Love banana bread from Bob Evans? One slice comes in at 161 calories. Last time I checked, I think they serve two slices for a serving, totaling 322 calories, not including butter.
  • Who hasn’t tried Olive Garden’s bread sticks? Bread sticks are 140 calories each or 280 calories for two. Other breadsticks can start at 190 calories and up.
  • Hard bread sticks can start at 21 calories for a small breadstick to 40 calories for a medium size.
  • Butter? 102 calories per tablespoon

bread butter

Two (2) biscuits
  • Cheddar Bay Biscuits at Red Lobster are my favorite but come in at 160 calories each, 320 calories for two.
  • Other biscuits can average 133 calories each, 266 calories for two. Again, not including butter.
  • Butter? 102 calories per tablespoon
  • Jelly with that biscuit? 51 calories give or take for one packet (1 tablespoon).


 Tortilla Chips
  • A 1-ounce serving of tortilla chips comes in at 140 calories. While it is difficult to estimate an ounce when unable to weigh the chips, imagine a 1-cup serving of crushed tortilla chips which comes in at a whopping 293 calories per cup. Salsa fares better at 4 calories per 1-tablespoon.

tortilla chips


Some restaurants will bring out a basket that is filled with assorted crackers. Who doesn’t love free food?

  • Soda crackers can range from 12 to 43 calories per cracker. Sometimes 190 plus calories per pack.
  • Oyster crackers – a small packet averages 60 calories. A handful? Your guess is as good as mine.
  • Toasted, butter crackers? 16 calories per cracker doesn’t sound too bad. Depends on how many you eat.

soda cracker

What about bread, biscuits, muffins or toast with your meal?
  • If you are having two KFC biscuits you are consuming 360 calories (180 calories each) and that doesn’t include butter or honey. KFC honey sauce? 30 calories per pack.
  • Toast with breakfast? Whole wheat toast starts at 70 calories per slice and since two slices are typically served, the total is 140 calories. Don’t forget about the added butter and jelly.
  • English muffins start at 67 calories up to 130 calories each for sour dough, even if ordered dry (no butter). Whole wheat muffins average 120 calories and up. Again, not counting butter or jelly.
  • Bagels for breakfast – A New York style, plain bagel averages 255 calories while 2 1/2″ mini bagels start at 72 calories each.
Day 99 – 15 Minutes Can Save You 150 Calories (and more)

Do you see where I’ve been going with this? It is shocking to me to realize how many calories, not to mention fat, sodium, sugar and carbs, that I have consumed before my meal or even with my meal. I truly had no idea until I researched for this blog post.

It truly is possible to save 150 calories or more, if I just wait the 15-minutes and DO NOT partake of the free bread or chips. The word free is the irony. I think it’s easier to justify consuming the bread, chips and crackers set before us because it really does appear to be free. I am guilty of saying, “If it’s free, it’s for me.”

But it’s really not free. Not if you are trying to lose weight anyway. We pay the price by consuming more food and calories than we really wanted or need. I haven’t even touched on appetizers (another day, another post).

Can you imagine all of the hundreds and thousands of calories we could save each year if we just waited 15 minutes and ate nothing before our meal is served? (Not to mention skip the bread with the meal?)

It’s only 15 minutes. If I can wait just 15 minutes. What’s 15 minutes? That’s nothing. I can do that. Surely, I can wait 15 minutes and not eat anything until my meal arrives?

Wish me luck….I think I can, I think I can…

Facing MY FAT,


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