Faces of Time

Faces of Time

It was not easy to look through photos and see how I’ve changed in just a few years. The photos below are from 2011 through 2016.

The truth is, I have been gaining weight since 2003 when I went in to early menopause at age 44. I lost approximately 15 pounds in 2012-2013, but since gained it back.

  • Photos tell a story
  • Photos are a wake-up call
  • Photos force me to Face MY FAT

Vickie_2011_FacingMyFat Vickie_2012_FacingMyFat  Vickie_2013_FacingMyFatVickie_Cow_2013_FacingMyFat
Vickie_2013_DD_FacingMyFat  Vickie_2015_kk_FacingMyFat  Vickie_BodyForm_FacingMyFat

Vickie_2015_FacingMyFat   Vickie_Dec2015_FacingMyFat  Vickie_122515_FacingMyFat

Vickie_SantaBaby_2015_FacingMyFatThese last two photos were taken December 25, 2015. I thought I looked pretty good in the selfie photo that I snapped in the car on the way to Christmas dinner with family.

But then I made the mistake of sitting on Santa’s lap (hubby, Mark) for a photo of the two of us.

This photo says it all, shows it all. My weight was out of control. No wonder I prefer photos from chest or neck up only!

Another month passed by and my double chin began to resemble two swirls of soft ice cream. At night, I could hardly breathe when laying down to sleep. I tried to blame my pillow.

It was time. Time to face the fact that I’m addicted to sugar and refined (junk) carbs. Time to accept that I am overweight.

Time for ~ Facing MY FAT,


Vickie 02/14/16

Vickie 03/27/16

Vickie 04/30/16

Vickie ~ Flag Day ~ 06/14/16
Vickie ~ Flag Day ~ 06/14/16
Vickie 6/30/16
Niece Lauren, Aunt Vickie
Niece Lauren & Aunt Vickie 7/2/16
October 3, 2016 – New Jeans Size 12
Feelin’ Good – 10/3/16