Facing My Fat on my 59th Birthday

As I am settling into our new home in Tennessee,  I still am Facing My Fat on my 59th Birthday. This photo was taken a few days ago and I am glad to say that I am only 1.5 pounds over my lowest weight of 155 pounds. Eating right and exercising enough has been challenging over the past several months during our relocation from Ohio to Tennessee.


Alternative Exercise

In place of lifting weights and working out to a Joyce Vedral, Ph.D. routine, I have been helping my husband remodel our not-so-new home.


My alternative exercises have included (not limited to): taking down wallpaper piece by piece, painting ceilings, painting walls, placing screws into floorboards, removing four layers of vinyl flooring, pulling staples, scraping layers, cutting and rolling up carpet, pulling more staples, pulling tack strips, installing kitchen cabinets, packing boxes, moving boxes and unloading boxes.

Alternative for sure. Easy? NO.

I thought I was in shape after years of Jazzercise classes and months of working out to Joyce Vedral’s Bottoms Up! routine. However, home improvement projects can be quite different from exercise routines.


I will admit, I have been surprised by how challenging and tiring these new “alternative exercises” have been. Not to mention, the long hours of physically, repetitive work. Add to that the stress and pressure of having to be moved out of our old house  in a short period of time, and it all begins to take its toll on the mind and body.


Tired is an Understatement

I’m not usually one to whine about my physical condition but when it gets to a point when you feel like you’ve hit a wall, a person can’t help but vocalize the impact on one’s body and energy. It has taken me several days, after our second trip of moving our household goods, to finally start to feel fairly normal again.


The scary part of all the “alternative exercise” is that my hands feel forever changed. They are stiff and achy and every morning when I wake up I can’t grasp anything. For example, my hands will only curl small enough to grasp the size of a cardboard paper towel roll. And that can be painful too. It seems that I have temporary (hopefully temporary) arthritis in my hands.

As the day progresses, my hands loosen up and function better. However, in the evening when I rest I feel them start to tighten and stiffen and by morning, I have moderate to severe pain from grasping anything as simple as a pillow or comforter, my hairbrush or simply picking up my cell phone.

All I can say is “Thank Goodness” my hands do loosen up during the day. Aside from writing this blog, I hand craft jewelry to sell and I manage other web sites.  It soon will be time to get ready for a holiday craft show in November.  I love making jewelry and hope that I can continue to do what I enjoy so much.

Facing My Fat on my 59th Birthday

The upside of all this hard work? I’m enjoying a beautiful view, in a “new” home as I work side by side with my wonderful husband AND it will all be so worth it when we are done, settled and able to enjoy this new chapter in our life together.

Did I mention the VIEW? Here are a few photos of my view as I sit on our car port/patio and  write this blog post….




We do not own the farm property behind us but we get to enjoy the lovely views, the ever-changing clouds and sky, a variety of birds, several black Angus cows (who we kindly call the “girls”), a dozen plus wild turkeys (a few who are nick-named Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas) and several adorable deer.

Until I write again, I invite you to read the many blog posts that I’ve already written. It may be several months until I have an official workout area set-up but I promise that I will be back to a regular exercise routine again.

In the meantime, I continue to and probably always will be Facing MY FAT.

Won’t you join me too? I invite you to register with your name and email to follow my blog…

Facing MY FAT,


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