Facing My Fat AGAIN – Starting Over

Today is Thursday, June 7, 2018 and I am Facing My Fat AGAIN – Starting Over. It seems like a very long time ago that I declared that I was discontinuing this blog. Funny, but not so funny, how my decision to “end” my blog unwhittingly and literally resulted in the ending of facing my fat.

I didn’t think that writing my blog and all the time it took to do so was worth the effort. I’ve got this, I told myself. I have lost 20 pounds and I know how to keep it off. Or so I thought. Little by little, a pound here, a pound there. Before I knew it, I’d gained back nearly all I had lost!

Excuses, Excuses….

I have a long list of excuses. We moved. I know longer have access to Jazzercise classes. Where I live isn’t conducive to taking walks around the block.

My hands got injured during all of the home improvement we’ve been doing and therefore since last September, I haven’t  been working and moving much. I’ve had x-rays and MRI’s on both hands and plan to see an Orthopaedic doctor next. You see, I can’t grasp anything tightly and after working on anything for a few hours, I have pain. My ring fingers just won’t bend completely and I have trigger finger on each one.

When I did try to assist my husband, Mark, a month ago by picking up old pieces of vinyl flooring off the floor and tossing them into the trash can,  I experienced back pain within a few days.  I never have back pain. Come to find out that I had sacroiliac pain in my lower back from tilting to one side too much causing  my hips to be out of alignment. I’ve never had such pain spasms! I literally could barely move at times and it brought me to tears. Thank goodness, a few adjustments  by a chiropractor fixed the problem. Need I go on?

Seriously, is this what happens when you’re nearing 60? Your body starts falling apart? Ugh.

Fat Shorts (sorry for the grainy photo of my Mom and me)

Fat Shorts

I knew I was in trouble last month when getting ready to go back to Ohio for a week. As I packed my suitcase, I decided I should try on ALL of my shorts, capri’s and jeans. My tops always fit fine because I’ve never downsized much. I’m still large to x-large depending upon the style.

My bottoms are another story. I had to take what I call my “Fat Shorts.” The shorts with the elastic waist and big leg openings. It’s not that my thighs were a lot bigger, it was my belly that didn’t want to be squeezed into a waistband, zipper and a button closure.

Do you get the picture? Have you ever been there?

Elastic was the way to go, fat shorts meant comfort. And, when you’re traveling, going to be sitting a lot and planning to eat your favorite foods, elastic was the first and my only choice.

Fat shorts made me look even fatter.  

Facing My Fat AGAIN – May 2018

Mirror Misery

We stayed with a dear friend and old neighbor during the time we were in Ohio. She lent us her garage so that we could participate in the neighborhood garage sale. We still have TOO MUCH stuff to move from Ohio to our new location in Tennessee.

The bedroom I slept in had full-length, mirrored closet doors. Boy, was that an eye-opener. This was the first time I had seen myself in full-view for a very long time and I didn’t like what I could see!

There was no hiding it. No matter which way I turned, I had to face my fat! Ugh. Calves, legs? Okay. Arms? Looking larger. Middle? Do I really need to answer that?

The photos above show it all. The excess weight is aging me terribly. Yikes! (No make-up doesn’t help either) There was no hiding it. I not only looked fat AGAIN. I am fat AGAIN.

Today’s Weight: I haven’t gained back the full 20-pounds. My weight today is 166.2. I’ve gained back 11.2 pounds. The body fat I’ve re-gained is unmentionable.

Facing My Fat AGAIN – Starting Over

It’s not like I’ve been doing absolutely nothing about my weight. I started doing YOGA every morning several months ago , until my back went out of whack for two weeks and I was in Ohio, but I’m back at it again. I also resumed doing 100 sit-ups every morning. In addition, I do 100 repetitions, 10 different exercises, 10 of each using 8-pound free-weights.

What I’ve done the most since getting back from Ohio a week ago is exactly what I did when I started this blog in January 2016. I’m eating healthy, real whole foods and cutting sugar out of my diet as much as possible. I’m increasing my protein and healthy fats and reducing carbs.

If you’ve ever lost weight, only to gain some or all of it back, you probably can relate. My posts may be sporadic, but they will be open and honest. If you feel encouraged and/or inspired, I hope you will sign-up to follow along.

I’ve always known what causes me to gain weight and what I need to do to lose weight.

ELIMINATE SUGAR….Sugar is NOT my friend.

Facing MY Fat AGAIN,


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