Lack of Exercise Takes its Toll

Lack of Exercise Takes its Toll – Friday, June 9, 2017 – I never thought I’d ever say the words, “Lack of exercise is taking its toll on my body” but that is exactly what is happening. As mentioned in prior posts, my husband and I are in the process of moving. This isn’t a move across town but a move to another state. On top of that, we are downsizing and downsizing is a BIG job!

change ahead

Due to sorting, packing and weekend after weekend of hosting garage sales, plus trips to Tennessee for home inspections and such, my eating and exercise routine has been completely off.  I truly am exercising too little, eating too much and as a result I’m experiencing some weight gain and muscular issues.

Hurts So Good

As many of us do, when our routine is out of whack and we haven’t exercised for a while, we jump back in and give it our best. To make up for the guilt of not exercising enough, we push ourselves to step up our game. When our workout is over, we are whipped and are butt may have been kicked but we know, “It hurts so good.” That’s how I normally feel after a challenging workout.

As of late, as much as I love exercising, exercise hasn’t been loving me.

I have recently discovered that the less I exercise, the more vulnerable my body becomes to injury.  My attempt to get back in the groove of, at the very least, four Jazzercise classes a week has ended up with only two classes a week. First, it was my ankle. Then, I pulled something in my back.  Two nights working out, five days to recover. This has happened to me two weeks in a row. Ugh.

What’s up with this, I ask? I’ve been working out for years! I’m better than this.

Ironically, Tuesday evening after a challenging workout, I actually said, “It hurts so good” not knowing at the time that within 24-hours I would be experiencing back spasms. “Hurts so good” became “Ouch, that hurts and that’s NOT good!”

back pain

Lack of Exercise Takes its Toll

I know the answer and the answer is simple. Get back to a steady exercise routine! While easier said than done at this time, at least I am fully aware of the solution.

In a couple of days, we leave to drive to Tennessee. We close on our new home next Wednesday. Once we have possession, we have several weeks of improvements to do. I am hoping that cleaning the house, painting closets, ceilings, trim and walls plus removing wallpaper along with a host of other projects will compensate for my lack of scheduled exercise and enable me to burn off some pounds.

Two pounds were acceptable. Five pounds NOT. Gaining five pounds of my twenty pounds lost, is a 25% regain!

Thank you for hanging in here with me during my move. The good thing is that my free weights and workout book really don’t take up much room so no excuses. Although my workout bench will not fit in the car for this trip, I do plan to take some of my workout “tools” with me.

It will take about two months total until we are completely relocated from Ohio to Tennessee. Once I am settled, I will be able to resume my full workout routine, weight bench and all, as well as my commitment to the Joyce Vedral, Ph.D. Bottom’s Up! routine.

As always, Facing MY FAT,


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