NO Mirror Mirror on the Wall

NO Mirror Mirror on the Wall – Monday, July 24, 2017 – This past week, I removed wallpaper from the main bath. It was a tedious process and the wallpaper “backing” did not cooperate as well as the actual layer of 1979 floral satin wallpaper. Part of the process of removing the wallpaper backing required removing the mirror above the small vanity.

For those of you who have been following my blog, you know that I am in the process of moving from Ohio to Tennessee. We are also in the process of renovating the home that we recently purchased.

My husband, Mark, asked if I wanted the mirror to be put back up. I decided not to since I really want to proceed with getting the bathroom completely made-over as soon as possible.

This small bathroom will be my primary bath to use on a daily basis. To my surprise, every time I walk into the room, I continue to turn to look into the mirror. However, the mirror isn’t there! This repetitive habit made me realize how many times a day that I look into a mirror to check my “reflection.”

Before Photo - Not Very Pretty
Round 1 – Wallpaper and Backing Removed (Ugly Stage)
Before Photo – New Vanity Coming Soon!

Daily Reflections

My normal daily reflections include (not limited to)….

Is my hair messy? (Doesn’t really matter since I’m living in a construction zone)

Ugh. No make-up. Again.

Gee, I’m looking old. Is that more fat under my chin? Do I look heavier since I’ve gained back a few pounds?

Are my arms still flabby or are they tightening up from holding a paint roller and handle above my head to paint the ceilings? How about all that wall paper I’ve scraped off? Shouldn’t my triceps and biceps look better by now?

NO Mirror on the Wall

Missing Mirror

The no mirror daily scenario has caused me to pause and reflect on how many times a day I look into a mirror and judge myself. Sure, I have my better days. But mostly I have average days. Many days less than average. You might know what I mean. The kind of day that if you have to run to the grocery store, you hope you don’t run into anyone you know 🙂

What if none of us had mirrors? What if we couldn’t see our reflection or anyone else’s reflection for that matter. What if we only saw a person’s soul? Deep, I know.

Would the self-criticism stop? Would we be less judging and more loving of ourselves and others?


NO Mirror Mirror on the Wall

NO Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Maybe it’s time to throw out the mirror with the bathroom scale. Just kidding.

While, I know that I will never give up my mirror, nor my bathroom scale, I have come to realize how many times a day that I have critiqued, analyzed and judged my appearance for good, bad or indifferent.

Do I miss my mirror? Yes. When I’m brushing my teeth and combing my hair. As to applying make-up? Okay, I admit that I found a mirror in another bath for applying my make-up. But still, numerous times a day I enter the main/guest bath and look for that mirror.

The missing mirror is a good reminder that “Who we are on the inside is far more important than our reflection in a mirror.”

Facing MY FAT,



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