Time has Tested my Weight Loss Resilience

Time has Tested my Weight Loss Resilience. I haven’t posted since March 16, 2017. What has happened since then? LOTS.

First, old habits don’t just die-hard. Sometimes, old habits never go away and are just as predictable as the sunrise and sunset. The first habit that slipped in was “not” writing down my weight every day. The offense seemed minor at first but one day became a few days, a few days became a week, a week became a month. Recording my weight became a task that I tabled and as I did, a few pounds crept back.


Sweets Call My Name

True to my addiction, sweets sneaked back in to my diet. It started with breakfast. French toast or pancakes along with my eggs and bacon. I love a sweet and savory combination. Next, I found myself baking a brownie mix and topping it with coconut pecan icing. And, then there was Easter dinner with sweet treats. What’s a holiday without partaking of home-baked goodies?

Life Gets in the Way

As mentioned in prior posts, we have been in the process of selling our home in order to retire to Tennessee. Well, our home sold a couple of weeks ago and we took another trip to TN to find a new home.

What has changed during the past several weeks? For one, my exercise routine has been completely out of whack. No Jazzercise, no Joyce Vedral Bottom’s Up! workouts, no walks around the block. I’ve been extremely busy and exercising has been hard to fit into my schedule. I took my free weights with me but only worked out with them a couple of times.

Along with our house hunting travel, my diet has been atrocious. Fast food, high fat and sweet tea. I know that I know better but I succumb to whatever is convenient. I succumb to a “treat” to compensate for the stress I feel.

Time has Tested my Weight Loss Resilience

Back on Track

Back home today, I finally weighed in and recorded my weight on a spreadsheet. My weight is up to 159.6 pounds. I’ve gained back 4.6 pounds since my lowest weight loss earlier this year. As a result, I have put myself on a sweet sabbatical. Today was a “no sweet” day and I plan to boycott all sweets for at least seven days in order to shake the sugar out of my system.

What I am basically doing is returning to the very first step I took when I started “Facing My Fat” over a year ago. I know that I have to get the sweets out of my system in order to STOP the craving for more sugar.

I will once again focus on eating meat (protein) and vegetables along with some carbs and fruit.

Time has Tested my Weight Loss Resilience

On one hand, I’m disappointed to gain back almost five pounds. On the other hand, I am thankful for all that I learned last year that enabled me to lose 20 pounds. All of my research for my blog was not in vain. I know what I “need” to do to get the pounds back off.

My life is going to be a whirlwind during the next several months and probably until the end of the year. As said, our home in Ohio is sold. We put a contract on a home in Tennessee and it was accepted. We have things to sort, pack and/or donate and a house full of goods to relocate. In addition, the new home needs completely updated. Stress is sure to ensue.

The good thing today? No sweet tea (TN is really going to challenge me and my love for sweet tea). It’s time again to say “No” to candy and “No” to sweet treats.

One day at a time, one bite at a time, one pound at a time.

Facing MY FAT,


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