When You Hit a Wall

When You Hit a Wall – For my second year of blogging about Facing MY FAT, I originally said that I was going to blog twice a week. Well, in case you missed it, I haven’t blogged for over a week. I’ve literally hit a wall ~ physically, mentally and emotionally.

brick wall

Physical Wall

Physically over the past week, I’ve been experiencing tendinitis in my left elbow. Perhaps from lifting weights? I lift 6, 8 and 10-pound weights for the Bottom’s Up by Joyce Vedral, Ph.D. modified pyramid routine. I’ve been working out with weights 5 days a week since mid-January. I will admit that I had been kicking up the routine by combining several exercises at a fast pace; thus why I may have triggered the tendinitis.

As a result, this past week I had to pull back on using weights in both my Bottoms Up! workout as well as my Jazzercise classes. I rested my arm for a week and all feels better now. Working out to exercises without using weights doesn’t quite cut it; however, today I was fine when working out again with my free weights.

Overall, I admit I did slack several days over the past week.

Mental Wall

In addition to hitting a physical wall, I have hit a mental wall when it comes to writing blog posts. In 2016, I wrote no less than 4 posts a week (unless I was on vacation or house hunting). During that time I covered many subjects when it comes to eating and exercising. This year, writing just two blog posts a week has become challenging for me. For several weeks now, I’ve struggled with choosing subject matter. I’ve literally hit a mental wall when it comes to writing.

emotional wall

Emotional Wall

It may sound odd to say that I have hit an emotional wall but I don’t know what else to call it. Emotionally, I am having trouble blogging about exercising and losing weight . As said, I have hit a mental wall when it comes to “what” to write about on this subject matter.

As far as my emotions as they pertain to writing, I will be honest and say that writing a blog can be a very lonely task. Writing is, in and of itself, a one-person project. While I enjoy writing, writing a blog post requires a considerable amount of focus, time and research. It doesn’t happen in 30-minutes, but more like 2-hours.

What makes writing a blog a lonely endeavor is when the writer, that would be me in this case, feels like they are talking to a wall. In other words, writing a blog is similar to talking to yourself. It is only through interaction with followers (feedback and comments) that a blog really comes to life. Thank you to those of you who have commented.

Blogging is different from writing a book. When someone writes a book, they have a promoter and the author usually travels to promote their book. As their book sells, they start to build a following of fans for future books and sometimes they get to meet those fans in person. At some point, the word gets out and their book is well received (or not).

Writing a blog is similar but different. On one hand, blogging can reach an audience faster than marketing a book but knowing when a blog is successful depends solely upon its following via email registration. When people choose to sign-up to follow the blog and then take time to occasionally comment on a particular post, the blog and the enthusiasm grows. While I have several hundred people who receive my blog via Pinterest or Facebook, those who have actually registered to follow Facing MY FAT are few.

Registering to follow FacingMyfat.com with an email address lets me know the level of interest. 

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When You Hit a Wall

I follow other blogs and like many readers occasionally I comment on the posts that I read. One blog in particular comes to mind and this creative lady that I follow has thousands of followers. She blogged almost every day and I always looked forward to reading about and seeing photos of her latest project.

Then, one day she disappeared and after a week of not receiving a blog post in my inbox, I started to wonder about her. When a month went by, I started to worry about her. Had something happened to her? Was she okay? Was she so successful now after being on TV that she wasn’t going to blog anymore? Did she have a book in the works and that is why she stopped blogging?

Eventually, I researched her on the internet to see if something had physically happened to her. I couldn’t find anything except that she hadn’t blogged in several months. I sent her a note via her blog but never heard back. Months later, she surfaced again. She explained that she needed to take a break and that there was more to her life than what she blogged about. It was time for change and that change included blogging occasionally and inconsistently. She freed herself from the pressure she had put on herself and opened her daily life to doing whatever she felt like at the moment, in the moment.

I didn’t fully understand her decision then, but I do now because that is how I feel about writing my blog, Facing MY FAT. It is time for change. I have other things going on in my life where I would like to dedicate more time. I need balance in my life. As much as I love to write, when I don’t have something to say, it can feel forceful and stressful and something I feel I have to do instead of what I want or choose to do. Writing is an outlet for me to express myself. While not always happy posts, writing is an emotional release of sorts. More than anything, I do not wish for writing to become a chore or a necessity.

Thus, I am saying that I am stepping back from writing on any type of schedule. If you are new to my blog, you will find hundreds of past blog posts to read. My posts are organized under the link “Blog Posts” and organized quarterly by date.

My commitment to working out stands strong. I will continue the Joyce Vedral Bottoms Up! book and will be working out to other routines from many of her books. Keeping off the 20-pounds, and losing more weight while building muscle, continues to be my goal this year. I’m still maintaining my weight loss as of this writing and I will continue to make my weight, strength and health first priority.

I will also continue to write occasionally for FacingMoments.com . I’ll be back again, just not on a particular schedule.

If you are so inclined, I invite you to register with your email address for easy access to my past posts and to be notified when I write again.

Thank you ~ Facing MY FAT,










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